live audio streaming
Broadcast live streaming audio over the Internet. This low bandwidth streamer is ideal for general streaming with flexible functions and natural sounding audio. introduces firecrackeraudio's versatile audio streaming solution allowing you to broadcast Live audio from any audio source to anyone on the Internet.

The current service requires the streaming software to be reset once a day. We are working to upgrade this for continual service.

'E-stream' is for anyone who wishes to broadcast live audio on the Internet. Broadcast live events such as a radio station, sports events/scores, private functions, news, parties and lots more. You can also use our solution along with most video streaming applications or web cams to add sound to your video. We can provide you with a robust solution that's easy to use, is reliable, and has a structure that can support small to large scale streaming requirements.

'E-stream' is a service supported by software on the broadcasters PC and our Internet Severs. An audio source is connected to the broadcasters PC. The software on that PC encodes and uploads the stream to our server. The audio is tightly compressed and served to any client that connects to the stream. The client connects to the live audio stream through their Internet browser. No downloads required. The Java based applet loads and plays the live audio broadcast on the clients computer.

'E-stream' only takes from 24 to 48 hours to set up once all payments have been received and processed. Requirements: Pentium III or higher PC, 128Mb Ram 50Mb disk space, sound card with mic or line in socket and fixed Internet Connection (Cable, ADSL, ISDN, Leased Line) . Once signed up to our service, our welcome e-mail will forward you a link to download the software + a username/password and instructions on how to link your stream. All you need to do is plug in the audio source in to your soundcard and press one button to start streaming. (go to support for more information)

'E-stream' can stream to an unlimited number of listeners at any one time, but is restricted by the bandwidth available. Basically, the more bandwidth, the higher number of concurrent listeners. We currently support up to 38,000 listeners per stream at any one time. If you require more listeners than this, please contact


E-'stream has many advantages, some of which are listed below:

(broadcasters audio streamer)

  • no plugins or software to download
    personalised audio player
    advertise on the player
    high number of listeners
    extensive global network
    view number of listeners at any time
    audio meter
    multiple streams possible
    easy to set up
  • embedded or pop up player
    free upgrades
    kick off listeners abusing stream
    will stream any audio source you wish
    stream to up to 38,000 concurrent listeners
  • easy to set up, get streaming in under 24 hours
  • free technical support for broadcaster


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