live audio streaming
Charge listeners to access your live streaming audio or video.  

media/gate allows you to charge visitors to access your multimedia content. In effect, creating a secure environment for multimedia content that can only be accessed by authorised clients who have either paid for access, or have been granted access by an administrator. Media/gate brings forth the next era in digital entertainment delivering high quality content from low bandwidth audio and video to CD quality audio and near DVD quality video.

Media/gate enables you to monetize your media creating endless opportunities to generate revenue and legally distribute music or video. Using patent pending 'conditional access modules' from Redbus Interhouse Plc or Firecracker Software Engineers, we can offer you flexible and secure options to help you distribute your content over the Internet on a global scale

There are two options with media/gate to charge your visitors for secure or paid access to multimedia content. Follow the learn more links below:

1. Windows Media Services learn more......

features audio & video streaming for dial up to broadband connections with 'controlled access module' enabling pay per view, try & buy and premium subscriptions for concerts, live shows, sports events, music, premium content. Free 30 day trial available

2. FireCracker Video Server learn more......

features Java Video server with ability to distribute video from various sources on the Internet with live chatroom for each video source and distribute over the Internet & charge for viewing on a time viewed basis. Perfect for making multiple station T.V channel with varying bandwidth streams, live video chat or dating services, remote event streaming, adult content. Live working demo available



(windows media on client machine)

  • robust, stable & secure
  • up to 500,000 listeners
  • up to near DVD quality video streaming
  • up to CD quality audio streaming
  • pre-recorded media streaming
  • mobile audio Internet streaming
  • choice of two configurations
  • live chatroom facilities
  • set up in less than 24 - 48 hours
  • charge viewers/listeners to access
  • customisable payment integration
  • use existing merchant accounts
  • free media player
  • free streaming software
  • graphic equalizer on player
  • player bundled free with many software
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